Indefinite Definite Article Course


Get a better understanding the indefinite and definite article by taking the course below!
Before starting this course, it is highly suggested that you take the pre-test so as to determine your current level in regards to the indefinite and definite article.

Chapter 1:

a or an?
areas of confusion
articles with letters
articles with numbers
Comprehension Test #1


Chapter 2:

pluralizing countable nouns
irregular Nouns
do not use the indefinite article with a noun that is in the plural
number-noun adjectives
pair nouns
aggregate nouns
Comprehension Test #2


Chapter 3:

do not use a, an, or s with an uncountable noun
uncountable noun classification
few/a few, little/a little
generalizing in the plural
Comprehension Test #3


Chapter 4:

the definite article
Comprehension Test #4


Chapter 5:

times and measurements
morning, afternoon, evening, night
Comprehension Test #5


Chapter 6:

musical instruments
inventions and product names
Comprehension Test #6


Chapter 7:

proper nouns
deserts, oceans, rivers, and seas
lakes, mountains, islands, and canyons
Comprehension Test #7


Chapter 8:

object activity nouns
names of buildings and places
streets and highways
diseases, injuries, and symptoms
parts of the body
air force, navy, army, marines, military, fire department, and police
Comprehension Test #8


Chapter 9:
times, wars, and agreements
numbers and letters in a list
nouns immediately followed by a number or a letter
ordinal numbers and sequence words
Final Test