Indefinite Article Days of the Week

Days of the week can be either uncountable or countable depending on how they are used. When a day of the week is being referred to generally, it is used as an uncountable noun, i.e. no indefinite article is used with them.

General/Uncountable: Ø

Sunday comes before Monday.

Sunday is a day of rest.

Monday is the most unpopular day of the week.

Many people don’t like Monday because they have to go back to work.

When a day of the week refers to a specific thing or situation, it is used as a countable noun, i.e. either the indefinite article is used or the noun is pluralized.

Specific/Countable: a/an/s

Jim thought that that is was going to be a normal Sunday, boy was he wrong!

The bar serves five-dollar pints on Mondays.

The bank is open for business on Sundays.

The article promised 3 perfect ways to spend a Sunday in London.

To learn more about nouns that can be countable or uncountable, please read the 2nd Exception to Rule 3.1)


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